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Meals on Wheels

Edmonton Meals on Wheels is a local non-profit and registered charitable organization that provides home-delivered meal and food services to a diverse mix of people. They're well known for our quality customer service, excellent meals and creative & innovative strategies that engage the community in various events, partnerships and volunteer opportunities. We've been supporting Meals on Wheels since 2010.

Kara Family Resource Centre

KARA Family Resource Centre provides support and guidance to families wishing to improve their family life. It is their goal and inspiration to providing a safe environment for families to enhance their parenting skills. Through workshops and courses, families learn about choices, how their choices affect their children, and how their children can make positive choices.

Partners for Kids & Youth
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Young Guns Plumbing offers you straight-forward fair pricing with quality work and with efficient, professional service. Contact us to get very competitive pricing and peace of mind knowing you hired qualified skilled technicians to install it for you.

  • Straight-forward pricing
  • Highly-skilled technicians
  • Peace of mind
Here for You

Whether you need toilet issues fixed, a new water softener installed, new kitchen taps, shut off valves, or help with leaking pipes, there is nothing Young Guns can't do to meet all your plumbing needs.

Young Guns is also there for you in any emergency, including frozen pipes in Winter time.

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